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The Slap: Episode VII “Rosie”: Who Is The True Victim?


When something tragic happens, we have to keep in mind who the true victims are. What are the responsibility of parents when their children are the victims of unfortunate circumstances? What happens when those not aggrieved turn themselves into victims?

Such is the case with Rosie as Rosie turned herself into self-proclaimed victim. All of her problems stream from the simple truth that she has failed to see reality. She refuses to see things the way they are and how they can be. Her blindness has led her to make decisions that have made a bad situation worse.

Like any victim, Rosie sought allies. The issue is that her anger and pain is controlled her. Her pain and anger acted as blinders and didn’t allow her to recognize the the truth in front of her. Hugo has behavioral problems, and the slap had nothing to do with it.

(Spoiler) For example, Hugo threw a temper-tantrum and was unable to follow basic directions. Rosie and Gary were called and instead of dealing with the problem at hand, or saying that Hugo was wrong, Rosie immediately deflected and blamed everything on Harry. Even when Gary tried to smoothen out the situation, Rosie cut him off and didn’t acknowledge Hugo’s disruptive behavior.

After picking up Hugo, Hugo referred to Harry (the man who slapped him) as the “Fun Guy”. Clearly, Hugo is over the slap, but Rosie wasn’t.

(Mild Spoilers) Rosie crucified Gary (which isn’t the first time) for not standing up for Hugo the way she believed he should, forcing Gary out of her corner. Therefore, Rosie reached out to Richie, who photographed the barbecue where Hugo was slapped, but he refused to get involved. Rosie even went as far to reach out to Harry to see if he will plead no contest to the charges. After having his name smeared in the media, Harry doesn’t concede to Rosie’s plan.

Once Gary found out, he tried to explain to Rosie how she may have sunk her own case. Even after everything blew up in her face, Rosie refused to see Gary’s side and continued to play the victim, not doing what was best for Hugo, but doing what she thought would ease her mind.

The trial begins and Harry’s character is ripped apart by Rosie’s testimony. In return, Harry’s attorney does the same to Rosie, truly making her a victim of her own actions.

How far should we go to protect our children? Is revenge more important than their well-being when someone has hurt them? What is the difference between revenge and justice?

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