Wild Angel Films


Community screenings

Would you like to set up a screening in your home, community or classroom? We’d be delighted, and can provide you with posters, postcards, and a facilitator’s guide to help get the word out.

We do ask for a license fee. Screening fees are for a one-time screening, and are based on the number of people you expect to attend. You may ask for donations to help cover the cost of the screening fee or to raise funds for your organizations.

Regardless of the option you choose, you will be required to return the Community Screening License DVD. You may also request access to the online version of our films. We will provide a password for the screening, the use of which expires the day after the event.

in-home screening

1-15 people: $29 with 10 postcards,
1 poster & facilitator's guide


SMALL screening

15-50 people: $49 with 25 postcards,
2 posters, and facilitator's guide


medium screening

51-100 people: $89 with 50 postcards,
4 posters, and facilitator's guide


Large screening

100+ people: $129 with 100 postcards, 8 posters,
4 DVDs to sell/ raffle and facilitator's guide


theatrical screenings

Should your organization decide to charge an admission fee for seeing our films (even if programmed with another film), we license the film at a different rate: $249 or 25% of the door, whichever is greater. The package includes 50 postcards, 4 posters and a facilitator’s guide to support Q & A discussions.

Local library circulation

Ask your local library to purchase our films for circulation. We can help them with display literature and guest speakers for a Q & A

Inviting the filmmaker

If you woud like to invite the filmmaker to attend or participate in the screening, let us know. We can also help you to find expert speakers for a Q & A panel.



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