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Still Seeking Approval

During my freshman year of high school, I tried out for my school’s basketball team. I went to the biggest high school (population wise) in my state. Having done well in eighth grade, I didn’t put much effort into practicing and thus being … Read More…

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Paying To Not Stand In The Cold

I was a very forgetful child. In the heat of excitement for nearly anything, key details would slip from my mind. For instance, on more than one occasion, going to orchestra practice, I’d forgotten my cello. Nearly 15 years later, my mom still … Read More…

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Is Public Humiliation a Good Parenting Style?

  I watched an episode of Dr. Phil and three types of “controversial” parenting were discussed. The parenting styles up for debate were Attachment Parenting, Helicopter Parenting and Public Humiliation/Shaming (in terms of discipline). We’ve touched on Helicopter Parenting, so let’s take a … Read More…

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Teaching Your Child How To Get Rid Of Toxic People

On one of my many walking exhibitions with my mother, we got into a deep conversation about the people we choose to have in our lives. This conversation happened to be centered around my dating life (more accurately, lack there of) and my … Read More…

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Classroom Order: Children Love Boundaries

My mother is a retired Special School District teacher and her students loved her. One of the reasons is because she set boundaries. To make her happy, all her students had to do was follow the rules and do what they’re supposed to … Read More…

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Calming Your Chilren’s Nerves About Isis

I, like many, are concerned about ISIS and the threat it posses for our country. Seeing children round up in cages, seeing beheadings and watching people burned alive is horrifying. The effect are even more terrifying for children. My son, for instance, has … Read More…

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