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The Slap: Episode 8 “Richie”: The Price of Our Goals

  Sometimes, it becomes far too easy to let insignificant details slip from mind. However, sometimes, those insignificant details carry the weight of the world. One of those simple truths is that we are all human. In our best moments, but more importantly, … Read More…

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Changing Our Perspective From Skinny to Healthy

  I hear it all the time. “I want to lose weight” “I want to be skinny”. To be honest, most of these complaints I’ve heard come from women. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in shape, in fact, that’s a good … Read More…

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VSA TN 40 Days Around the World Art Festival

Have you heard of the VSA Tennessee (TN)? VSA TN is the Vision, Strength and Artistic Expression program that was established in 2001 in Tennessee. They are an international non-profit organization with a mission to spread opportunity and equality in the artistic community. … Read More…

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Is Public Humiliation a Good Parenting Style?

  I watched an episode of Dr. Phil and three types of “controversial” parenting were discussed. The parenting styles up for debate were Attachment Parenting, Helicopter Parenting and Public Humiliation/Shaming (in terms of discipline). We’ve touched on Helicopter Parenting, so let’s take a … Read More…

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The Slap: Episode VII “Rosie”: Who Is The True Victim?

When something tragic happens, we have to keep in mind who the true victims are. What are the responsibility of parents when their children are the victims of unfortunate circumstances? What happens when those not aggrieved turn themselves into victims? Such is the … Read More…

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The Slap: Episode VI “Aisha” Losing Yourself In Marriage

There is a steep maturity curve many of us climb in order to get married. Certain (if not many) single activities are simply unacceptable once we share a name with another. However, once we say “I do”, we have to be careful to … Read More…

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