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The Slap: Episode VI “Aisha” Losing Yourself In Marriage


There is a steep maturity curve many of us climb in order to get married. Certain (if not many) single activities are simply unacceptable once we share a name with another. However, once we say “I do”, we have to be careful to not sacrifice the character traits that make us unique. We cannot sacrifice our individuality on marriage’s alter.

Aisha, married to Hector, has two children and appears to be happy. She’s a successful doctor, a home owner and has everything one should want. However, all of that is on the surface. Underneath her calm, loving, empathetic and loving exterior beats the heart of a woman that is about to explode.

Aisha is restless and wants to be wild. She wants to go crazy, lose control and live in the moment without regard for the consequences. Not often, but maybe for just a night. That’s how she used to live during her days in medical school.

But that was then and this is now. Now, her wild side has been tamed for a stable marriage, children, a career and a mortgage. Now, her life is consistent and predictable and somewhat… boring.

Not to mention, she is being pulled by her family as they want her to support Harry in the lawsuit. At the same time, Rosie wants Aisha to support her claim against Harry.

It’s too much; Aisha needs a break.

Aisha escapes to a medical conference and get away from it all for a few days. While there, she connects with an old flame. For an instance, Aisha sees the “old” Aisha, the “true” Aisha. She has a moment, a split second to decide between what was and what is. She can have a brief moment of excitement, or continue down her path of monotony. Seduced by the past and by the man before her, she takes that chance.

(Spoiler) Surprisingly, Hector picks Aisha up from the conference. He takes her to an art gallery and confesses to kissing Connie. Aisha is less than thrilled and is upset with Hector’s cowardliness. In reality, this was Aisha deflecting on her inability to say “no” to and having a last minute revelation prevent her from infidelity.

Back in the car, Aisha has a confession of her own, but later thanks Hector for seeing the good in her, despite it being or not being there.

At home, Aisha takes out the trash and on her way up, she sees Hector playing with their children. She breaks down on the steps and cries a river of tears. She almost lost something beautiful for a moment of ecstasy. Seeing her family, there’s no way that a brief moment could ever be worth it.

Are there any traits you gave up when you got married? Have any of these old habits come back to haunt you?

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