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Is Public Humiliation a Good Parenting Style?

  I watched an episode of Dr. Phil and three types of “controversial” parenting were discussed. The parenting styles up for debate were... Read More
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The Slap: Episode VII “Rosie”: Who Is The True Victim?

When something tragic happens, we have to keep in mind who the true victims are. What are the responsibility of parents when their children are the victims... Read More
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The Slap: Episode VI “Aisha” Losing Yourself In Marriage

There is a steep maturity curve many of us climb in order to get married. Certain (if not many) single activities are simply unacceptable once we share a... Read More
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13 Year Old Invents Low-Cost Braille Printer

  Here on our Current Events page, we are going to be honoring young people that do something amazing, especially if their achievement has an... Read More
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Teaching Your Child How To Get Rid Of Toxic People

On one of my many walking exhibitions with my mother, we got into a deep conversation about the people we choose to have in our lives. This conversation... Read More
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Classroom Order: Children Love Boundaries

My mother is a retired Special School District teacher and her students loved her. One of the reasons is because she set boundaries. To make her happy, all... Read More
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